Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the purpose of the Association?

    Our purpose is to cultivate a culture of transformation and renovation through Kingdom-centered churches.  We can’t create culture; we are only sowing and cultivating in God’s field. In a rapidly changing world, we are helping churches to re-think methods and structures for the sake of bringing the unchanging message of the gospel of the kingdom to our neighborhoods.

  • How is the purpose accomplished?

    We focus on 3 primary strategies:

    • Cultivate Legacy – processes designed to cultivate a disciple-making lifestyle among churches and leaders.
      • What kind of church will you be?
      • How will you empower and activate you members into ministry?
      • How will you disciple the next generation of leaders?
      • How will you pass the baton?
    • Engage neighbors – Resources designed to assist churches increase awareness of and engagement with their neighbors.
      • How will you live sent into the neighborhood where God has planted you?
      • How will you join hangs to seek the peace and benefit of the neighborhood where you have been sent?
      • How will you minister in the marketplace?
    • Expand Kingdom Awareness – Synergistic initiatives to start and support vibrant churches in our communities and beyond.
      • How will you shine a light on and celebrate what God is doing beyond your local congregation?
      • How will you develop kingdom partnerships to start new churches and strengthen existing ones?
      • How will you partner for the sake of seeing the influences of the gospel extended?
  • What services, resources, and processes are offered for churches?

    Some of our top resources include:

    • Demographic studies
    • Criminal Background Checks
    • Pulpit Supply
    • Pastor Search Team training
    • New church start funding
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Church consulting
    • Connection to BGCT and SBTC resources and personnel
    • Younique gospel-centered life design for leaders
    • Church Unique strategic vision discovery
    • God Dreams strategic planning process
    • Team Building through Leading from Your Strengths
    • Coaching Skills Training
    • Church Health Checkup
    • Vancouver Mission Partnership


  • How do I connect with HBA?

    The best way to connect with HBA is to subscribe to our weekly HBA Messenger newsletter.